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In Memory

Toby Wright (Chute)

Toby Wright (Chute)

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07/28/09 09:57 PM #1    

Gary Roberts

Tobie and I met when we were MHS sophomores in Mrs. Thompson’s American literature class. It seems that we students were always seated alphabetically…Tobie sat in the last seat of the last row, and I sat directly across from her in the last seat of the next-to-the-last row. I think we developed a little crush on one another, and we played it out by always trying to get the other’s attention. As teens will do, the attention-getting actions (talking and occasionally loudly arguing with one another; kicking the other’s books around, etc.) were sometimes disruptive to the rest of the class. Mrs. Thompson had a student teacher, LaRue Mikesell, during the second semester of our attendance in her class. Tobie and I gave Miss Mikesell so much grief by being disruptive that Mrs. Thompson called us in for a special conference about our behavior in class. She let us know firmly, but in a very caring way, that we were to cut Miss Mikesell some slack. Miss Mikesell wanted to be a writer, and I don’t think she ever took employment as a teacher.

Tobie came from a very large nuclear family, and she was raised from infancy by her childless aunt and uncle. Aunt Esther and Uncle Robin Baker were dear, kind, gentle people and probably a generation older than my parents. I don’t think they ever quite figured out how to deal with independent, head-strong and sometimes outrageous Tobie. I and Ann Richardson remained friends with Tobie and Chuck Friedlander after they married and had their daughter Kathy a few months before our graduation from MHS. They visited at my house often, and my parents really enjoyed Tobie. The last time I corresponded with her was in 1965.  She had divorced and was raising Kathy on her own.

I’ll always remember Tobie as a good friend, fun to be with and liberated at a time when females weren’t supposed to be.

09/14/10 06:39 PM #2    

Kathy Friedlander (Kahsar)

I was so pleased to find this site and to see what a nice job has been done to celebrate present and past lives.  Very impressive! Just wanted to share some of my mothers life after she left Marietta.

My  mother did well for herself. She got a bachelors degree in education and became an English teacher, she recieved several awards of excellence and then got a bachelors in nursing and became a psychiatric nurse and director of nursing in California.     She and my stepfather and 2 brothers moved to California in 1986 where she lived until her death. She died much to young at the age of 55.

Life with mom (Toby) was certainly eventful and she could always talk to anyone. She certainly was her own person," very colorful" as Linda Engle wrote to me. She definitely was not average! She worked hard putting herself through night school for 13 years to get her degree and raise me after she and my father divorced. She always loved me and wanted the best for me. She loved the MHS  marching band and I still have the copy of the vinyl album with the bands picture on the front! She had a hard life in many ways but always tried to overcome and I know she was grateful to have had all of you in her life even though she had not been in touch for many years.  God bless to all who knew her and for letting me share on this site.

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