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In Memory


Mike McCammon

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07/26/11 11:03 AM #1    

Jeff Weihl ('60)

I will miss my cuz!! We grew up together and went different directions as adults but we kept in contact with Christmas Letters every year as our families grew. I am sorry we were not able to connect in person last year due to my health reasons. Cuz, I will always remember that Mike smile, ride on Cuz.

Jeff Weihl

07/29/11 11:57 PM #2    

Michael Hadley

I've been pretty much "missing in action" from all MHS'59 functions since graduation and have really not stayed in touch as I should have.  The passing of my old friend Mike McCammon prompts me to write a few words, however.

I met Mike when my family moved to Devola in 1951.  Other than Jerry Hess, who was a friend from our time together at Marion School, I knew nobody at Putnam School when I transferred there in the 5th grade.  It didn't take long, however, to meet some neat kids, and Mike McCammon was one of the guys that made me feel welcome.  As we finished at Putnam School and started 7th grade at MHS, Mike and I became good friends.  We learned to drive together, made weekly trips to Parkersburg to visit the acne doctor (really fun!), discovered girls about the same time, double dated frequently, tried to imitate the Everly Brothers, learned to play electric guitar and drums, applied whole tubes of BrylCreme on our hair, acted goofy, and enjoyed our times together through high school.

I regret that after graduation we drifted apart as our lives took separate paths, but I will always remember the good times that I had with Mike and the sincere friendship that we shared.  My best to his family and friends.

Michael Hadley

Sedona, AZ

07/30/11 10:12 PM #3    

Fred Bay

One of the stories I remember from back in the day was a time that Mike stopped by my home on Glendale Road to show me his bronze Ford (with a Pontiac grill) and his new "moon disk" wheel covers. At the time I had a green Plymouth automatic which looked like an old folks cars. I thought that a set of 'moon disks" might make the old Plymouth look like a car for a younger person. Mike said he could get me a set so I said let's do it. When they arrived, I put them on the car and I thought they look pretty good so I drove around for a while. Later that day when I returned home my dad came out and noticed the car looked different. When he saw the "moon disks" wheel covers he was a little less enthusiastic about them than I was. He made me take them off and put the car back to original form. Lucky for me the transmission went out a few weeks later and that put an end to that  saga. There is no accounting for taste between young and old.

Thanks Mike for all the special memories and God bless your family, they are the best.


08/09/11 08:54 PM #4    

Judith Stewart (Deering)

Mike and I grew up not far from each other in Devola. We had such simple fun with our grade school classmates, Nancy Wittington, Carol Waxler, Bill Morse, Bill Jacoby, at Putnam School and have remained friends through life.
Jim Stewart lived in the house next to Mike and Jim made cute wooden stock
cars and we would ride down our driveway laughing in it. We classmates had a nice talk with Mike, on the phone, at our 50th reunion. As we go our different directions in life these old, close, neighborhood friends stay close in our hearts and I will miss Mike. How wonderful he had Becky and family, god bless all of them. Take Gentle Care. Judy Stewart Deering

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