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In Memory

Vanita Masters

Vanita Masters

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12/11/08 07:54 AM #1    

Martha Doak (Mays)

Vanita was a really good friend of mine. She was always cheerful and fun to be with. I have so many memories of shopping, talking and just hanging out with her. I really miss her and just ache to know that she is missing this web site and our 50th reunion as I know how much she would enjoy it.

07/28/09 10:00 PM #2    

Gary Roberts

Vanita is one of the most-fun persons I’ve ever known! I have great memories of the good times that we had during our teen years in Marietta.

One special memory I have of Vanita was an evening when she and I wanted to do something together. Go to a movie? Go to someone’s house? …..I don’t remember exactly what. But her mother had accepted a babysitting job for Vanita for that evening. I showed up at her house, and she explained, while her father looked on sternly, that we couldn’t go out that night. But she also got me aside and asked me to wait up the street for her, and I could accompany her to her activity. I hid behind a tree until Vanita came by, and we both walked to her babysitting job together. I again waited outside the babysitting house until the little boy’s parents were gone, then I went in. Vanita’s charge was already in bed, so she and I listened to music, drank some soda pop and enjoyed one another’s company. At one point the little boy got out of bed and came into the living room where we were. Vanita introduced me to him as her brother before putting him back to bed. She was so funny! She really enjoyed the excitement of doing something that she felt was forbidden.

Vanita’s mother was a really nice person, and her dad was, too, but he was a bit leery of Vanita’s male friends’ intentions. Her sister Bonnie was also spirited and funny. My remembrance of Vanita is of a lively girl, extremely attractive (My parents called her “cute.”) and someone who always left me with a feeling of happiness.

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