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In Memory

Louis Patterson

Louis Patterson

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01/04/09 10:46 PM #1    

Fred Bay

Most of you probably know that Louis was an engineer.

He and I both went and graduated from The University of Cincinnati, Louis was a Civil Engineer and I was an Electrical Engineer. Both of us graduated in 1964 with our under-graduate degrees. During several years of study at UC, Louis and I were roommates in the dorms.

Louis was the smart one getting much better grades than me. He also was a very tolerant and kind human being. He would put up with my antics which I employed when I got bored with school. (which was often) One story I will relate took place when we got a dorm room in an area where the athletes were also housed. We would study long hours and then try to get a few hours sleep but many of the athletes would crank up their radios making that impossible. Being an Electrical enginner (in training), I had a plan. I would "jam" the radios starting at midnight. I made my jammer out of a simple am radio and put a hidden antenna around the room. The timer on the radio provided the "quiet hours" and the plan went into operation. It worked beautifully and all was quiet (for a while). Then one of the athletes purchased a TV and I could not jam it easily so all went back to square one. Louis could only shake his head at me for the effort. I think he knew then that Bay might just make it in the real world.

It has been many years since Louis has passed and it would have been nice to have been able to spend time discussing our working engineering careers but that was
not to be.

For Louis, Peggy and his family I would like to say that he has not been forgotten. God bless.

Fred EE'64

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