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MHS Concert Band CD

Please send me a copy (when ready) of the Marietta High School Concert Band 40th Anniversary CD.

The first Concert/Marching band at Marietta High School was formed in 1919.

In 1959 Grover Buxton (then the Director) worked with others to produce a 40th Anniversary Album containing selections from recordings made (mostly) in the High School Auditorium. This album was created on a 33 1/3 record from tapes made on Ampex recording devices.  This was very good equipment in 1959. Over the 50+ years since the technology had advanced greatly. In that era before computers, everything was "analog". In order to preserve these recordings, the "analog"record has been digitized and enhanced using Sony "Sound Forge" software and a professional grade turntable.  It will be available to all that might want to enjoy these sounds again from long ago. It is very enjoyable to hear them in better clarity and at the same  time to preserve a bit of our past for all that might be interested.

The CD will reproduce the original cover and the CD also includes the Senior High Girls Glee Club backed up by the Concert Band in several feature numbers.

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